How To Create Stunning Images...
Without Digital Manipulation
How To Create Stunning Images...
Without Digital Manipulation

If you've ever looked at the photos inside of a National Geographic magazine and though to yourself... "I wish I could create images like that," then you'll absolutely love Bob Holmes' brand new training, Mastering Natural Light.

Having traveled throughout the world on assignment for leading magazines including National Geographic, Geo, Travel & Leisure and Departures, Bob Holmes has developed a unique set of incredibly simple yet predictably powerful techniques for creating deeply engaging and emotionally evocative images… with zero reliance on digital manipulation.  

In this stunning and inspiring presentation, you'll discover some of Bob's most powerful tips -- refined over his 40 year career as a professional photographer -- for using natural light to dramatically enhance the mood and emotional response of your images.

Through a candid discussion of the creative processes behind 97 of his images, Bob will empower you with a completely new way of seeing light that will not only instantly and consistently boost the emotional impact of your photography, but also elevate the joy you experience from your photography.

Regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned expert, this highly educational and inspirational insight in to the thoughts and processes of a world renowned travel photographer will serve as an invaluable yet inexpensive addition to your photographic skill-set.

Here's What You're Getting...
Here's What You're Getting...


Comprised of 94 spreads, this stunningly beautiful ebook explores dozens of situations where Bob managed to capture phenomenal travel and wilderness images under very trying conditions.

By going behind the scenes of some of his most dramatic images, you'll discover how to quickly and easily intensify your photographic vision and creativity... without having to spend a cent on another piece of gear.

Video Training

Over the course of seven inspirational video lessons (70 minutes in total), Bob will share with you the same insights into the same images discussed in his ebook above.

When you invest in Bob's training, you'll get instant access to both his "Mastering Natural Light" ebook and online video series, which you can conveniently watch on your computer and/or mobile device when ever you want, for as long as you want. 

Special Bonus

As a Special Bonus for taking action today, when you invest in our “Mastering Natural Light” program, not only are you getting instant access to both the eBook and Video Series, you’re also getting Bob’s highly acclaimed eBook, “The Darker Side Of Light” absolutely free!

Purchased individually, these three products would normally cost you $27.00. However, in an effort to put our best foot forward, we're making this program available to you for only $9.99

What The Greats Have To Say About Bob Holmes

"Robert Holmes is not only one of my favorite photographers but also one of my favorite people. He travels more than I do, yet always finds time to bring his photo friends together to share his experiences, learn and enjoy."

Galen Rowell
Mountain Light Photography

"Robert Holmes is the best. His lectures are highly informative and entertaining. I guarantee it."

Dewitt Jones
Contributing Editor to Outdoor Photography

"Bob Holmes is the consumate professional... the photographer's photographer. Bob has a standing invitation to participate in my photography projects (the Day in the Life and America 24/7 photo-book series) simply because I know that wherever he goes, he will return with passionate, artistic and revelatory pictures... every single time. The fact that he is a very a decent guy is just a bonus."

David Cohen
Day in the Life Books
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